Expert Sales Management Software for the HVAC Industry



NorthBoundary is a pioneer in innovative sales solutions for the commercial mechanical contracting industry. Our customized software simplifies the sales process by streamlining the pricing and proposal generation functions, allowing sales professionals to spend less time on paperwork and more time selling.

The exclusive software product suite from NorthBoundary provides a robust set of tools to help maximize the effectiveness of sales calls, proposal follow-up, and customer care. Standardized maintenance and project pricing templates, accurate cost of operations data, and the ability to create customized proposals lends credibility and professionalism to your company, which is critical when dealing with knowledgeable, business-savvy customers. Detailed tasking captures important customer requirements  and helps your sales professionals recognize proactive selling opportunities.



Our software is browser-based and works with most all devices – laptops, iPads, handheld scanners, and phones – anything that uses  a browser.


Our software has been extensively tested in multiple working environments by users with varying levels of experience. We have testimonials from numerous satisfied customers validating that our software does what we say it will.


We know the commercial HVAC contracting business well: we have been involved in it for more than 30  years. Because we have  seen companies grow from small, “mom and pop” shops into multi-location giants, we designed our software to be scalable. It works just as well for two people as it does for 20. The flexibility to run your software applications over an extended period of time and across multiple devices helps position your company for growth. It also helps you save money and provides a greater return on your investment.


We proudly stand behind all of our software products. Our expert staff and resources are available to guide and advise you every step of the way. You will have peace of mind when licensing NorthBoundary software, as help is just a click of the mouse or a telephone call away.

Ease of Use:

We’ve designed our software to be  user-friendly and easy to understand. However, should you need additional support, we stand ready and waiting to help.

Do you like the sounds of this?? If so, please call us today at 386.492.3354, or click here to access  our Contact Form. We’ll evaluate your needs and determine if our product(s) are right for your business.


Determining the right price for a facility maintenance plan can be the most important step in the entire sales process.  This exercise is time-consuming and tedious, and the wrong pricing can mean the difference between a lucrative contract and one that wastes time and resources. Our Maintenance Pricing software completely automates the process of pricing and writing service agreements. Because maintenance plans vary based on the existing mechanical systems in place, our software allows you to key in the equipment inventory of every building. Using industry standards, the software then generates appropriate levels of coverage and pricing that you can offer your prospects. The software eliminates the need to develop a  facility maintenance plan from scratch for each and every proposal. And the ability to input equipment unique to your customer generates accurate (and adequate) coverage levels.

Proposals are standardized to give you a consistent look and feel across various sales professionals, regardless of which office generates the proposal.

Proposal templates can be customized any way you like. You have the ability to add unlimited pages and incorporate various type styles, colors, logos, and fonts.


In every company, there are specific profit margins that must  be met for different types of work, including spot, add-on, replacement, plan/spec, design/build, etc. These margins are often determined  by the management team; however, it is the responsibility of the sales professionals  to select the appropriate margin for the type of work being performed. With our Project Pricing application, a sales professional  simply enters the inventory of equipment for a facility, the type of work to be performed, a materials list, and labor costs. The software then computes the amount that should be charged for that job based on the margins established by management.

With Project Pricing, you have the flexibility to price out a single  job or access libraries of information that you have previously saved from recurring or similar jobs.

You also have the ability to print a complete proposal, including the agreement documents and the terms and conditions page.

Sales management

There are numerous steps involved when converting a  prospect into a new customer, and the documentation can be overwhelming.  You need a consistent method for capturing and archiving surveys, appointments, proposals, and notes so that information is easily accessible. Our Sales Manager application provides  your sales professionals  with one central location to store important information pertaining to all steps of the selling cycle.

The main Dashboard helps owners and managers monitor the most important aspects of  their business. Gone are those time-consuming, outdated reports showing last month’s numbers. Our Dashboard View provides relevant, real-time metrics showing  daily, weekly, and monthly progress towards business goals.

Because all  information is captured within a database, the Sales Manager software can generate system reports based on things such as sales volume and labor hours. Reports are currently available in the following categories, with report details determined by the software administrator:

  • Prospecting Activity
  • Sales Quotes and Bookings
  • Dials, Contacts and Appointments
  • Key Performance Indicators

NorthBoundary’s Sales Manager application communicates with both the Maintenance Proposal and Project Pricing applications to import customer and agreement information. Sales managers can input individual plans for each sales professional and view them at any point in time to make sure they are on track to meet their sales goals.

Owning and Operating Cost Analysis

When proposing a service program, the first question a customer typically asks is, “How effective will this plan be for my facility?”  Our Cost of Operations program will help justify your proposal by showing customers  a comparison of current usage and future savings. The easy-to-use application captures current owning and operating costs of a facility, as well as proposed costs for future maintenance. You will be able to show the prospect the financial benefits of implementing your service program using their current owning and operating costs.


With NorthBoundary’s ESign form, you can create signatures and initials to sign documents electronically and can invite others to sign as well. E-sign is built into the Maintenance Proposal, Project Proposal and Service Repair quotes to help expedite the contract execution process. Simply request that your proposal be E-signed, and your customer will be linked to a portal to review and electronically sign the agreement. It’s that simple.

Customer care

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. And dedicated customer care is essential for your business to succeed and grow. A customer care strategy defines the type of care provided at each stage of the sales process, identifies the required components of each care call, and outlines how care is tracked and measured. An effective care program ensures customer retention, repeat business, opportunities for upselling, and a great referral source.

With NorthBoundary’s Care program, you can engage your customers with detailed Customer Care reports and automated surveys. And our built-in Action Plans allow you to resolve customer concerns before they become major issues. Customer care cannot be ignored. It is an essential, value-added service that leads to increased satisfaction and an overall positive sales experience.

Project Planner

Once a job is sold,  it is time to deliver your customer’s agreements. Creating a project plan is easy using our simple-to-use planning tool. You can schedule and monitor multiple projects from beginning to end by creating tasks and assigning responsibilities. Project Planner allows you to add files and build Gantt charts to illustrate each project’s life cycle and determine whether the tasks are on schedule and within budget. There is no easier way to track and monitor multiple projects.