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Project Pricing

In every company, there are specific margins that have to be met for different types of work, including spot, add-on replacement, plan/spec, design/build, etc. These margins are most often established by your management team, but it's up to your sales representatives to select the appropriate margin per the type of work that is going to be performed. With our Project Pricing application, your sales rep simply enters in the inventory of equipment for a facility, the type of work to be performed, materials, and labor. The software then computes how much the sales manager should charge for that job based on the margins established by management.

With Project Pricing, you have the flexibility to price out just one job, or access libraries of information that you have previously saved for reoccurring or very similar jobs.

With Project Pricing, you have the ability to print a complete proposal which includes the agreement documents and terms & conditions.

View screenshots from our Project Pricing software product by clicking a thumbnail below:

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