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Maintenance Tasking

Once an agreement has been signed and the prospect is now your customer, you can import the inventory of equipment from our Maintenance Pricing software into the Maintenance Tasking program for assignment to specific technicians. It is extremely favorable to dispatchers and service managers, as they can create job sheets with equipment tasks assigned to a specific technician, disperse and budget material cost and labor hours over the term of the agreement, and schedule the job visits.

You have the flexibility to create custom tasking, or simply apply a pre-determined schedule that contains tasks typically performed for most types of commercial HVAC equipment. Not only is the equipment listed in the Maintenance Pricing software covered, but you also have the ability to create custom tasks for equipment unique to your business. It covers a range of equipment like:

• Packaged and Split Systems
• Built-Up Systems
• Residential Equipment
• Automated Building Controls

In addition, the software contains a scheduling interface, ability to generate task sheets, and ability to print out waterproof tasking labels for each piece of equipment. Therefore, every time the piece of equipment is serviced, your technicians can mark the date and specific details when applicable. This software truly helps streamline scheduling and tasking responsibilities.

View screenshots from our Maintenance Tasking software product by clicking a thumbnail below:

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