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Maintenance Pricing

Determining the right price for a facility maintenance plan can be the most important step in the entire sales process...but it can also be very time consuming. Our Maintenance Pricing software automates the process of pricing and writing service agreements. Since maintenance plans vary based on the mechanical system within a building, our software allows you to first key in the equipment inventory of any building. Based on standards in the industry, the software will then generate appropriate levels of coverage and pricing that you can then offer your customers. This software eliminates the necessity to develop a custom plan from scratch each and every time.

With the Maintenance Pricing application, you are able to adjust such cost factors as labor and material. The software also includes several document templates you can use for your proposal.

Because of the software's flexibility, any size of company or type of user will find this system extremely easy to use and set up. If they desire assistance, our technical support team is more than happy to demonstrate and help set up the software.

View screenshots from our Maintenance Pricing software product by clicking a thumbnail below:

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